It has been well over a year since my last post on this blog.  It’s been a busy year.  Lot’s of exciting happenings in our lives.  The time has passed quickly.  I have filled my days with many wonderful experiences, friends and family, even grand adventures, yet I have continued to neglect that which constantly calls to me.  My writing.  I aim to remedy this.

There is someone new in my life.  A mentor of sorts if I am to give her a label.  We are in the early stages of our getting to know each other.  She’s asks lots of questions.  Interesting questions that make me think.  Sometimes, most of the time, I can give her an immediate answer.  Other times, I am left to ponder her inquiry for the rest of the day.  This is fascinating to me.  I know myself fairly well and yet she is gently pressing me to know myself better.  I suppose this is a good thing.  That’s what we’re here for  right?  To peel back the onion.  To learn.  To grow.

Today when my mentor and I met, the topic she most wanted to discuss was my writing.  Or rather my lack of writing.  Today she has given me much to think about.  There are some corrections I need to make in my priorities.  I need to make time to share the things I have experienced in my life; the challenges and pains that have been faced.  These posts (and any articles I write on these topics) spring from real people, events and circumstances in my life.  It is healing for me to write it all out.  And, maybe in the process it helps educate people, effecting change, which hopefully helps others through their struggles.

I’m gonna dust myself off and get busy writing!  There’s so much to tell!

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