Please take time to check out this website. Very helpful information.

A Shrink for Men

Company Overview
A support site for men in relationships with abusive women and the non-abusive family and friends who love them.

To educate and empower men who are being emotionally abused by their wives, girlfriends or boyfriends. To help people realize that love isn’t synonymous with control, shame, pain and guilt. To remind people that it’s never too late to break free of the trap of abuse and find happiness.

  1. Thank you… It was nice to have one of those “It’s not just me” moments. I’m not sure how I didn’t run across Shrink4Men before.

    • You’re welcome! Shrink4Men has proven to be a wonderful resource for my husband and I even though we are over 10 years into this whole situation. Wish we could have had this information and support many years ago but so thankful to have it now.

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