My husband married a woman he met in Wal-Mart.  (I have always thought that to be SO appropriate.)  She began the relationship by prank-calling him repeatedly.  After a few days they met.  One thing leads to another, and the Wal-Mart special becomes pregnant.  Claiming it is his.  My husband, being the boy scout and raised to do the “right thing” married this woman.  Needless to say, it was a train wreck of epic proportions.  After supporting her through college and the birth of four children, they divorce.

I met my wonderful husband in 2000.  After much pestering from my daughter about her Science Teacher.  She seemed to think we would hit it off.  Me, well, let’s just say I was less than enthusiastic about meeting ANY man.  I had a high-level corporate job, single Mom with two kids – one of whom had autism.  She caught me at a week point.  Next thing I know it’s coffee, then a date, and then we’re inseparable.  Crazy.  It all happened so fast.

To top it off, he came with four kids.  I’m thinking, okay, I like kids.  I did my research too.  Had friends check out him and the ex wife.  Checked into the relationship.  No worries.  There was no love lost.  I was told he had no time for her. The whole relationship from his side it seemed was based on the health and welfare of the children.   She was described to me as a “total ditz.”  This I was told came from another High School teacher.  There were rumors.  I couldn’t believe they could possibly be true.  (Maybe I just had my head in the sand.)

It really didn’t matter because it wasn’t long before I’m head over heals in love.  I married my wonderful husband in November of 2000.  The rest is history.

Why am I telling you this?  Because as we go forward into what has happened in the past 10 years, this will be helpful.  Believe me, truth REALLY is stranger than fiction.


What are your thoughts?

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